February 12, 2018

IP Endorses Ray “Skip” Sandman for Congressional District 8 Race

Saint Paul – The Independence Party of Minnesota has endorsed Ray “Skip” Sandman, 64, of Duluth in his bid for the Congressional District 8 seat.  This will be an open seat following the announcement from Rick Nolan that he will not seek re-election.

Sandman and the Independence Party look forward to a competitive race. “For too long, the candidates of the two major parties have taken the people of the eighth for granted and have chosen to represent the interests of corporations and their wealthy donors,” said Sandman.  He is focusing on protecting the waters of Minnesota, opposing the PolyMet copper-sulfide mine and expanding the availability of higher education among his proposals.  “Investment in our students means that business will flourish,” stated Sandman.

“The IP continues to grow and attract quality candidates,” noted Phil Fuehrer, State Chair.  “Skip Sandman joining our team gives the voters of CD 8 a true independent choice for this open seat,” Fuehrer added.

 The endorsement of Sandman occurred during Sunday’s State Executive Committee Meeting on a unanimous voice vote of the nine members present and voting.

Sandman gets Independence Party endorsement in MN 8th Dist. race


Vietnam veteran Ray “Skip” Sandman, 64, has officially received the endorsement from the Independence Party of Minnesota as he pursues the 8th Congressional District seat. This comes just days after current 8th Dist. Congressman Rick Nolan (DFL) announced he will be retiring at the end of his term, paving the way for a hotly contested race from now until November.

In response to the endorsement, Sandman says:

“I proudly accept the Minnesota Independence Party’s endorsement and look forward to offering the voters in my district a choice for real representation. For too long, the candidates of the two major parties have taken the people of the eighth for granted and have chosen to represent the interests of corporations and their wealthy donors.  Our shared centrist vision of valuing the people and the planet before profits will insure that we all will prosper. Investment in our students means that business will flourish, technology will continue to provide productivity and energy savings. Also, a more equitable distribution of our commonwealth will create a more sustainable society. This is my common-sense approach to politics.”

Sandman announced his candidacy for the 8th Dist. seat in May of 2017.

By Billy Wagness, Executive Producer


 Posted: Feb 12, 2018 10:47 AM CST

Personal Endorsements

Lauren Harewood ​

Stephanie Agius Cloquet 

Isaiah Olsen

Ruth Anderson Duluth Julie Abramowski Cloquet
Doug Bowen-Bailey “In my experience, Skip has a great ability to listen to many different perspectives and from that diversity, find a path that moves everybody forward into a more healthy future.”

Teauge Goodsky Duluth
Erica Bowman Cloquet Chavela McCauley                                “Skip is great ! Duluth  
Christopher Cone Duluth Alicia Zimmer  Duluth
Jeremy Davis Duluth Alisha Bliss        Duluth
Michelle Defoe Duluth Jeffery Boshey III Duluth
Melissa Deverney Duluth Jeff Boshey        Duluth
Keith Diver Jr Cloquet Curtis Goodsky Duluth
Sandra Drift    Duluth Tony Novak   Cass Lake
Dr. Giniwgiizhig Cass Lake Wallace W. Storbakken Walker
Amber Greensky Duluth Beatrice Dunn Cass Lake
Rachel Hagen Cloquet Rhonda Bodin Duluth
Ron Hagland Cloquet Mary Beth Mohr    Walker
Lori Heitkamp Duluth Brendan Beaulieu             “Everything Skip says about the future is pretty intriguing” Bena
Amanda Helgerson Duluth Demitrics Byrd Duluth
Tracey Howg Nett Lake

Kandis Myers                           “He drew me in, I love what he says.”

Evelyn Hudson  Cloquet  Joseph Bennett Duluth
Angela Kappenman Brooklyn Park Lauren Harewood  Duluth
Robert Kesner Cloquet Cynthia Ross Duluth
Mike Kuitu                                                                 “Skip will be a fearless truth teller in Congress.” Duluth Samantha Lessman                     “A Native American Tradition” Bena
Rita Letsos                                                                “Skip has timeless values that protect humankind” Duluth   Shirley Young  Bena
Laura Marland                                                        “Skip will vote to protect Lake Superior.“ Duluth G Jean Beaulieu                    “Lets Go Skip” Bemidji
Jocelyn Martin Cloquet Matthew Jarvimaki Duluth
Taysha Martineau Cloquet Scott Olson  Pine City
Terri Mathews                                                         “Skip is an ally for women in our fight for equity in all aspects of our lives.” Mahtowa
Shannon Nance Onamia
Kristy Marie ONeil                                                  “Skip speaks for the people”  Duluth 
Donna Patterson Inver Grove
Greg Pederson Saginaw
Roxanne Peterson Cloquet
Elizabeth Rios Willow River
Peggy Roy Duluth
Rhonda Sam Brainerd
Lizbeth Sargent Brooklyn Park
Keith Schmitz Duluth
Shannon Smallwood Duluth
Jaron Smallwood Remer
Donald Smith                                                          “Skip will fight for more infrastructure jobs”                Cloquet
Veronica Smith Cloquet
Kathleen Spencer Duluth
Sharon Strong Virginia
Peter Tharaldson St Paul   
Steve Thomas Jr Cloquet
Allie Tibbets Duluth
Kathryn Wegner                                                      “I’m supporting  Skip for Congress because we need a statesman in Washington, not just another politician.“ Duluth
Simon Jay Whipple Duluth
Erica Whitebird Cloquet